Amber (meowmachine) wrote in must_be_single,

I've had 3 serious boyfriends.
My first boyfriend I dated for 1 year.
My second boyfriend I dated 5 years.
My third boyfriend I dated for 1 year.

Ugh, that's 7 years of being stuck within a relationship! (I've spent about 2 months being single in between each partner)

I'm now 25. I moved to Regina, SK last year. (transferred with work) Originally I'm from Winnipeg and have lived there all my life.

I'm quite a busy girl. I work 10 hour days. I like to go out with my friends. I like going to the bars when I can actually convince people to go with me.

I don't know if this LJ community gets much "business" however, I thought it was worth a shot. On random nights like tonight when I find myself too tired to go out, it might be nice to talk with someone new.
(everyone on my MSN list I've known forever, and it's hard to meet cute guys when you have a bunch of girlfriends stuck around you all the time)

So.....if there is a cute guy out there, who wouldn't mind chatting with a pretty 25 year old SK girl, please say the word! (i promise you that I'm NOT joking when I say I'm pretty)

I like guys who are active, at least 5"9 tall, and who is outgoing/outspoken.

My name is Amber. I am 5'9. I have dark red/brown hair, shoulder length. i used to be a professional ballet/modern dancer. Now I'm just a nice girl with a regular full time job.

If you are interested in chatting on MSN messenger or anything like that, please reply to this post. :o)

(I don't usually do such cheesy things as this, but tonight I'm in a funny mood and thought, ah heck, WHY NOT!)

btw sorry if this is a double post...i'm not sure if my entry is making it through
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